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H Daily Tours is the meeting of two people who are passionate about the life of the Medina of Marrakech

SiMo :

Marrakchi native of the spice square district, I studied computer programming and foreign languages in parallel with a life close to the souk which allowed me to acquire a relational ease and an international vision of the traveller. During my professional life, I had the chance to work with different corporations and to learn from these rich lives. After an expatriation that allowed me to understand a culture different from my own, I chose to pursue with passion my mission to understand the Medina of Marrakech. I took my bearings in Marrakech by working in the event industry. Today I am in charge of the marketing of a guest house to better understand your expectations, you travellers from all over the world! Creating GlobeKech is the fruit of an experience lived here and elsewhere through the eyes of a Marrakchi proud to have been born in this city of a thousand facets.

Nico :

French by birth, I spent 8 years discovering an exciting professional life in a world very much focused on commerce and hospitality. Life offered me to travel a lot until I decided that travel and discovery would be the driving force behind my choices. I left for Madagascar more than 10 years ago and realised that sharing emotions and cultures is what makes me tick. After 7 years in Marrakech I decided to dedicate my life to a traditional Riad whose soul charmed me. Naturally I have tried to offer more and more to my guests. The hazards of life made SiMo propose to me to create what does not exist. GlobeKech is the name of it.

SiMoNico :

And it is, as the Arab proverb says, because with one hand it is not possible to make noise that we decided to join our two cultures to make you discover our vision of the Medina of Marrakech. Our common energies and complementary knowledge of the Medina lead us to create tours of Marrakech like no other. Like the artisans of the Medina, we wish to be the ones to make your stay in Morocco a success.

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